When we started, we wanted to create a way of donating that allowed for real change, and the Blue Button Backpack Scholarship is the realization of that dream. The donation cost isn’t hiding any CEO salaries, fancy offices, or single digit percentages that actually pay out to our benefactors. 

Instead, what you see is what you get. And what you get is a life-changing scholarship that makes the world a better place. For real. 

How It Works

Step #1: We work with school teachers and headmasters to identify girls and young women who are at-risk of dropping out of school, or have already done so. We then enroll them in the program with the help of their teacher, parent or guardian depending on each child’s particular situation.

Step #2: The Backpack Scholarship provides everything they need to succeed in school, including all their school fees, paper and pencils, textbooks, uniforms, a backpack and sanitary products for girls who need them.

Once a month our ambassador checks in with both the student and teacher to get an update on their grades, attendance and any unforseen hurdles they’re facing.

Step #3: If their grades and personal dedication reflect a desire to stay committed to school, then at the end of each academic year we re-commit to seeing their education through until they graduate from High School.



1 in 4

Girls drop out of primary school in Ghana.


Girls in Ghana who drop out of high school before finishing.


Retention rates of Backpack Scholarship recipients.

*Based on Unicef statistics report

Support Our Mission. $25/Month will cover everything a girl needs to attend school.